Welcome to Snarled Studios!

Add a pinch of coding with a splash of design and you get the dedicated duo that makes up Snarled Studios.  We hope you enjoy your stay.


Qu HD icons

Qu HD Pre Release.

iFlat2 HD iCons Pack 2

Same as the previous pack.  If it’s an “icon@2x…” delete everything after “@2x” and then stick into the proper bundle id.  If there is no “icon@2x” name then it’s already properly named and ready for its bundle.

iFlat2 HD iCons

Some icons I made for the iFlat 2 theme by Decke for the iPod Touch and iPhone 4.  Just right click, save, and throw em in the proper bundle id folder.  If the icon name is “icon@2x” delete the app name that follows the @2x first, then stick em in the bundle id folder.

More wallpapers.

Just a couple more I’ve been toying around with.  Nothing to call into work over.

New Beautiful Widget Theme.

Smoked Glass to match AdamZ’s Metamorph theme which is also incorporated in Pete’s Bugless Beauty and Bugless Beast roms.


Beautiful Widget Themes

Here are some themes that I’ve made for beautiful widgets.  I have a lot of scraps that I never got around to sending off so maybe I’ll post them up here for direct download.


Here is some random wallpaper that I have made.  Just right click and save, then move to a folder on your SD card.

Blue/Maroonflux of colors


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